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I graduated in 2014 from Western Washington University. During and since then I've worked on a range of projects and technologies from test automation, internal vm deployment tools, customer facing android apps, all the way to kernel development. My most recent work has been in developing test tools in Python and corresponding kernel components in C for a fork of the FreeBSD operating system.

What I'm Doing

Recently I've written test automation suites and kernel test hooks that cover the back-end communication, resource locking, and failover components of our highly-available distributed filesystem. In my free cycles I've also been working to improve the tools I and other engineers use to deploy VM clusters that build and test the software we're developing. I'm also a huge fan of supporting open source software and have just released my first Python package, PyGoogleSMS, on PyPI.

What I Want To Be Doing

I want to build and improve things. I love to design, create, and iterate. I'd be happiest in a place where I can design and build back-end products or tools that have a positive influence on the engineering process. I firmly believe in using the best tool for the job. My current fascination is with Python and Flask but I can pick up new languages and frameworks quickly. I'm super interested in microservice architectures at the moment especially because of their inherent distributed nature and the possibilities for continuous deployment.

Latest Projects

img - imgur clone

img - A Python & Flask imgur clone

This project aimed to create a locally hosted clone of the popular imgur photo sharing website. Written in Python using the Flask framework.

Live Demo



Ingress Bot

An automated client for Google's geolocation based game, Ingress. This desktop client written in Java imitates a user playing the game using reverse engineered network traffic.


Twitter Hashtag Prediction

Twitter Hashtag Prediction - A Research Project

The goal of this project is to suggest hashtags to users when they are writing their tweets. This could be useful for users who struggle to know what relevant hashtags are, relevant hashtags increase the number of views your tweet receives. The more views a tweet receives the more likely it is to be retweeted, commented on, or even gain the user new followers.


Work Experience

Software Engineer - EMC Isilon (2014 - Present)

Worked on the Core Filesystems team to design and implement FreeBSD kernel components, libraries, and automation for use in the validation of EMC Isilon's distributed OneFS filesystem. Focused on cluster infrastructure including communication, distributed locking, and failover subsystems.

Software Developer - Logos Research Systems (2013 - 2014)

Created a responsive web app using AngularJS to manage assets inside the organization. Implemented functionality including instant search, tag filtering, and sharing.

Teaching Assistant - WWU Computer Science (2012 - 2013)

Helped students with hands on lab exercises in both beginner and advanced courses. Assisted professors in grading student work as well as serving as an additional avenue for students to seek help understanding assignments and class work.

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